First Issuance of SOCIALCARBON VCUs on the APX VCS Registry





APX, Inc. and Instituto Ecológica are pleased to announce an agreement allowing for the issuance of Verified Carbon Units (“VCUs’) with the Socialcarbon certification on the APX VCS Registry. Projects certified with the Socialcarbon Standard all contribute to sustainable development, as well as additional social and environmental benefits. The addition of Socialcarbon to the APX VCS Registry expands the available registry options for project developers of carbon projects certified by the Socialcarbon Standard.

The combination of excellent customer service, state of the art registry technology and integrated invoicing, provides a great new experience for project developers seeking issuance of the Socialcarbon VCUs. The first project to utilize the process was the 4.50 MW Akkihebbal Mini Hydel Scheme, Cauvery Hydro Energy., Ltd., India (VCS PD610) located in the State of Karnataka, India. In their story Eco-business detailed the unique benefits of the first Socialcarbon project in India and both APX and Socialcarbon were pleased to see the VCUs issued to begin the new year.

SOCIALCARBON Standard is an add-on certification designed to quantify the co-benefits of carbon offset projects. Specifically, it is a set of analytical tools that assess the social, environmental and economic performance of projects, monitoring continuous improvements across time, thereby demonstrating the project’s contribution to sustainable development. SOCIALCARBON enhances value to emission reduction projects and to offset units, complementing any accounting standard.

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